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Thank you for purchasing our product! There are a few first things you should read.

  • Be sure to read the document first, will be updated regularly with the theme package
  • We try our best to track tickets around the clock, please wait 24 - 48 hours to get answers to the problem yours.
  • Our support hours:
    • Monday to Friday (9am - 6pm - GMT GMT)
  • If you send tickets on weekends, be patient and wait for us until 9 am Monday.
  • Support only involves installing themes, features available by default, fixing bugs and minor modifications in one or two lines of code.
  • We do not provide support for any third-party plugin issues.
  • You must understand that you buy the item as it is. If you want it to look or work differently from what you see in the online demo, you need to understand that this is not supported by the basic. We are ready to offer small advice and advice. But if your requests come in and you don't have the slightest clue about CSS or HTML, then your best way is to contact our Service Group. They will be very helpful.
  • Post as much information as possible into your requirements: links and screenshots. Give us all the information you can provide! Confidential information can always be sent by private ticket.

Important note: If you add another comment about your ticket before we reply to your original comment, your ticket will be pushed down to the list. This is because we are answering all the tickets in order that they come to our ticketing system. Thank you for your patience.

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